Our Payroll Services Include:

  1. All phases of payroll including time tracking, check writing and direct deposit.
  2. Call in your hours and we’ll write the checks for you, or direct deposit your payroll for your employees.
  3. If your employees are all on salary, you just let us know your payroll schedule, and we’ll automatically create payroll and write the checks or direct deposit.
  4. Payroll tax deposits are electronically sent to the IRS or mailed to the appropriate State Departments of Revenue. We handle all of that for you. We’ll let you know when the amount is coming out of your bank account based on the requirements and the amount of your payroll taxes.
  5. Every quarter, your payroll tax reports will be created for your signature, or electronically transmitted.
  6. At year end, W2s and 1099s will be transmitted per government regulations on the required due dates.
  7. As needed, W4s, I9s and state employee forms will be given to you for your employees to fill out in order to comply with federal and state employment law.
  8. We can handle any state employment forms.

We can also help you with your Workers Compensation Insurance and other licensing for other states if your company works out of Arizona. We will apply for your withholding/unemployment license numbers as well as get your Federal ID Number if you are a new employer.

Written by

Lanna Mesenbrink is a 30-year small business bookkeeping professional living in Wickenburg, Arizona.