Bookkeeping involves total attention to detail. At our firm, we are dedicated to making sure your books are in the best possible condition to prepare you for income taxes or any other use for which you need a good set of books.

 We can:

  1. Pay your bills and write your checks.
  2. Create your invoices and send to your clients.
  3. Receive the payments when your clients pay you.
  4. Enter the checks you have written in our software.
  5. Enter your deposits.
  6. Reconcile your bank accounts.
  7. Create your budgets so you always know where you are during the year.
  8. Prepare sales tax reports.
  9. Prepare financial reports as you need them. (Financial reports would include a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement as well as Cash Management Reports. These reports can be detailed to show any number of configurations for your particular needs).


Written by

Lanna Mesenbrink is a 30-year small business bookkeeping professional living in Wickenburg, Arizona.